Dennis Powers has years of experience as an attorney, in corporate management, trial court judge, manufacturing, real estate, human resources, sales, staging properties, construction, veteran affairs, as well as troubleshooting manufacturing and personnel issues.

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Dennis Powers – Mediation


Since retiring from elected office as a judge, Dennis Powers has practiced Mediation and Arbitration of civil disputes in numerous areas.

Judge Powers brings over 40 years of experience to the table along with extensive knowledge of numerous areas of law. Judge Powers has represented both individuals and corporations and is well-versed with the concerns of all sides of a case. His experience with a wide variety of legal areas and personalities gives Judge Powers the knowledge base and unique edge for helping parties reach resolution.

Dennis Powers’ experience as a judge provides the parties with the tools to use at mediation to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their case. This insight helps the parties be more realistic and reach a reasonable outcome at mediation.

Dennis practices facilitative mediation where the neutral mediator knows that the parties have the solutions to the issues within themselves. In facilitative mediation, the mediator helps the parties bring forth these solutions typically in a face to face setting.

Dennis also uses, when the situation calls for it, shuttle-style mediation where the parties are separated and don’t hear directly the other parties communications.

Dennis has also conducted evaluative mediation where he makes an assessment of the parties’ claims, including expert testimony, trial strategies, and costs. Under this style, Dennis may also propose settlement terms and/or other options.

There are qualities that every mediator must possess. All mediators must have honesty and integrity. Any mediator must also be neutral, polite, and persistent.

The art of choosing a qualified mediator involves some research. A mediator who is a good listener, and also someone who can persuade. When your issues are difficult or client control is lacking or adjustors are short sighted, attorneys often seek a mediator who can actively assist in breaking the log jam by exploring additional outcomes.

Juries are unpredictable. Large verdicts spend years in the appeal process. Not to mention that trials are expensive, time consuming, stressful and worst of all “control of your dispute/resolution is in the hands of others”.

Reduce stress, keep control, mediate, mediate, mediate.

To settle issues the parties many times have to look outside the box. Mediation helps this process happen. Issues are often broader than what is contained in the pleadings.

If you want an active mediator, consider who, ultimately, will need persuading. “The opposition,” you say instinctively. But think back to your last mediation. The last hold out may very well have been your own client. Remember also that you were able to observe and evaluate the mediator working with your own client, but not with the other side.

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