Avoiding the Negative Effects of Litigation through Contract Mediation

Michigan business owners recognize the need to retain solid business relationships and connections. They have relied on these connections to stay afloat during difficult economic times by using contract mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Contract mediation can help the parties avoid the negative effects inherent in litigation.


In courtroom litigation, all of the information is often a matter of public record. Reporters can spin the story in a way that appeals to their audience and support their version with information from the trial. Mediation ensures that the dispute is kept confidential.

Lack of Clarity

Some parties rush to litigation without really understanding the nature of the claim against them or the legal arguments involved in the case. In mediation, the parties can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their case with a third party neutral. This can often help them develop a better understanding of how an objective person may feel about the case and ultimately decide it.

Consumption of Time

Business disputes often involve thousands of documents and complex issues. Many parties may be involved, further confusing the question of liability and corporate responsibility. Expert witnesses may need to be retained and then deposed. All of these factors add up to a very time-consuming process. It can often be years before a case is fully resolved. Mediation can be commenced at any point in the process and as early as the parties wish. This means that the parties may be able to quickly resolve a conflict rather than relying on the flooded court system.