What to Expect in Real Estate Mediation

Real estate litigation is one of the few areas of law where a judge may order a party to specifically perform the terms under the contract.  However, litigation is also associated with a contentious battle in which the parties take up a lot of time and expend many resources in order to resolve the case.  Real estate mediation gives parties the ability to reach an agreement on their own terms rather than having a judge make the decision for them.  Here is a brief overview of what to expect at real estate mediation. Many Documents Will Be Examined Real estate... Read More

How to Prepare for Personal Injury Mediation

Parties involved in personal injury mediation are often recipients of important benefits.  They can often significantly decrease the amount that they have to pay attorneys for legal expenses, and their attorneys benefit by receiving a decent amount of compensation for a limited investment in time.  However, there are steps that parties and their attorneys can take to better prepare for personal injury mediation. Identify Interests While there may be a large discussion on settlement value, the injured party may have other interests that matter just as much or even more than a monetary payout.  For example, he or she may... Read More

How to Find Help with Contract Mediation

Contract mediation can help parties to a contract bridge a communication gap that has separated them.  Realizing that contract mediation can help preserve a contract and maintain a positive relationship between the parties, the next step for those involved is to find someone who can successfully help the parties mediate. One of the best ways to find a good mediator is to ask people you know for recommendations.  Attorneys may have worked with mediators in the past and may recommend them.  Friends, family and business associates may also have recommendations.  If the contract is specific to a certain industry, you... Read More

Finding the Right Fit in Aviation Mediation

Aviation mediation is often relied on when a dispute arises between consumers, businesses or governmental entities.  Rather than wait for their case to be decided by laypeople, aviation mediation allows the parties involved in a dispute to take control and have their case resolved sooner rather than later.  However, the first hurdle to overcome with this type of mediation is selecting an appropriate mediator. The aviation industry deals with complex subjects such as aerodynamics, engineering, pilot error and scientific processes.  Therefore, a successful aviation mediator must be able to understand such complex topics in short order so that he or... Read More

Learn the Risk Factors of Litigation in Aviation Mediation

An individual who is experienced in aviation mediation can explain that one of the distinct advantages of pursuing mediation is that this process helps provide clarity to the dispute. Both parties can develop a better understanding of the risk factors that are inherent in litigation as well as specific to their individual case with the help of a neutral mediator who conducts aviation mediation. Aviation cases can be quite complex. Whether it is under FAR Part 135, 121, or 95, you need a mediator with a background in this industry. A mediator experienced in aviation mediation can more easily understand... Read More
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