Finding the Right Fit in Aviation Mediation

Aviation mediation is often relied on when a dispute arises between consumers, businesses or governmental entities.  Rather than wait for their case to be decided by laypeople, aviation mediation allows the parties involved in a dispute to take control and have their case resolved sooner rather than later.  However, the first hurdle to overcome with this type of mediation is selecting an appropriate mediator.

The aviation industry deals with complex subjects such as aerodynamics, engineering, pilot error and scientific processes.  Therefore, a successful aviation mediator must be able to understand such complex topics in short order so that he or she does not exhaust too much of the mediation time trying to understand the complexities involved.  A mediator with a background in the aviation industry who already understands these subjects is often a good fit for this type of case.

However, the mediator must also possess a solid understanding of the types of cases involved in aviation litigation.  These cases may include wrongful death, contract disputes, personal injury, violation of federal regulations and product defects.  In addition to an understanding of the aviation industry in general, the right mediator should also be able to carefully analyze the legal issues that are specific to the case.

Like with all types of mediation cases, the mediator must be committed to providing a neutral and objective approach to help the parties resolve their dispute in a manner in which they are both satisfied.  The right mediator is one who can objectively look at the evidence involved in the case, properly guide the parties toward an amicable resolution and facilitate communication between the parties.