How to Find Help with Contract Mediation

Contract mediation can help parties to a contract bridge a communication gap that has separated them.  Realizing that contract mediation can help preserve a contract and maintain a positive relationship between the parties, the next step for those involved is to find someone who can successfully help the parties mediate.

One of the best ways to find a good mediator is to ask people you know for recommendations.  Attorneys may have worked with mediators in the past and may recommend them.  Friends, family and business associates may also have recommendations.  If the contract is specific to a certain industry, you can ask individuals in that industry of mediators who are involved with the industry’s groups or associations.

Another way to ensure that you find the right mediator is by asking about prospective mediators track records.  They should be able to provide a list of industry-type cases that they have assisted with and the percentage of cases that they helped to successfully resolve before trial.  This can give you a good idea of the experience and industries that the mediator has worked in.

Before agreeing to use a particular mediator, have him or her explain the process involved.  Mediation requires a patient approach, so it is important that the mediator be able to explain the process involved and how it ultimately guides the parties toward resolution.  Before hiring a mediator, take the time to properly evaluate your prospects.  The likelihood of concluding a case through mediation largely depends on the mediator you choose, so it is also important that you approach this process with patience.