Who to Involve in Your Aviation Mediation Case

When selecting a mediator in your aviation mediation case, it is important to select a person who is qualified to work through the technical details of your case. Much of the success – or lack thereof – of a mediation session depends on the abilities of the mediator. For an aviation mediation case, it is important to choose someone who is knowledgeable about the aviation industry.

Time should not be wasted on having to educate a mediator about the technologies involved in the aviation industry, such as mechanics at play in an accident. Instead, a mediator should be able to immediately commence his or her duties, starting by developing a complete understanding of the case and the legal issues that may apply. With his acquisition of a pilot’s license with multi-engine certification, Dennis Powers has the technological know-how in order to quickly ascertain the issues involved in the case and begin preparing the parties for making an agreement with which they are both satisfied.

In addition to aviation knowledge, the mediator should be someone with extensive mediation experience and negotiation skills. While the mediator is a neutral person, he or she can help explain the cause of an accident or other technical issue. Additionally, he or she can point out the potential risks of litigation. A mediator often acts as a facilitator who bridges the communication between both parties. This process helps the parties develop a better understanding of the other’s perspective. If the mediator can successfully bridge the communication gap, it is more likely that the parties will be able to resolve the matter without further court intervention.