Contract Dispute

Legal disputes involving contracts are often the most complex and expensive disputes there are.  A standard contract can be several pages long and include terminology that is difficult for the average person to understand.  This is especially true when a person completely unfamiliar with the industry – for instance, a juror – is attempting to understand the situation.  Anyone involved in litigation regarding a contract dispute is at risk for ultimately facing an unsatisfactory settlement.  This is why contract mediation is such a valuable tool.

Contract mediation provides a number of benefits.  It takes less time and is therefore less expensive than litigation.  It also offers greater flexibility.  In mediation, it is the disputing parties that are in charge of hammering out the resolution, not a judge or jury.  This means disputing parties remain in control and the mediator is there to guide them and ensure they stay on track – not rule in favor of one or the other party.

Mediation also provides flexibility regarding the resolution.  Unorthodox solutions can be explored and when necessary, parties can design their outcome to suit their specific circumstances, even if no precedent exists for that particular outcome.

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