Corporate Mediation

Corporate mediation is an effective tool for settling disputes in the business world.  Companies face legal issues all the time and these issues are often difficult to resolve because of distrust on multiple levels.  Everyone involved – management, purchasing agents (the real decision makers), vendors, contractors, and personnel (at-will employees and unions) all have an agenda and see things through their own lenses.  This can make it difficult to resolve issues efficiently and without resentment. 

From problems between co-workers to issues with former employees to contractual matters, rarely does a day pass that a business does not need some kind of legal support.  Unfortunately, support is often not enough to prevent legal disputes, but luckily, there is a more efficient and affordable tool for settling those disputes. 

If you are dealing with corporate disputes, and hoping to settle the matter without litigation, Dennis Powers can help.  Contact him to discuss your mediation options at 248-826-8383.