Elder Care Mediation

Mediation can be an effective way to resolve elder care issues.  No family wants to take their personal issues into the courtroom for all to see.  Whether you are dealing with an abusive or neglectful situation at a care facility or a dispute is occurring within your family in regard to the care of a loved one, mediation provides a private, individualized way to settle the issue.

Aging can be a challenge, from the perspective of the elderly and the loved ones surrounding him or her.  There are difficult decisions that need to be made, and despite everyone wanting to do what is in the best interest of loved ones, family dynamics often interfere.  Sadly, families are torn apart doing their best to support an aging loved one.  It does not need to be this way.  A skilled, experienced mediator like Dennis Powers can bring common sense and understanding to the issues.

Dennis understands the health, happiness, and well-being is an important issue when it comes to your elder loved one.  He can help you discuss the issues in dispute in an organized and controlled manner, without all of the “red tape” involved in litigation.

To learn more about elder care mediation, or to schedule an appointment, contact Dennis at 248-826-8383.